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Graphic Arts range

The Canson® Graphic Arts range is specifically designed for the world of illustration, design and graphic creation. It features essential media such as tracing and layout paper, Bristol and Lavis Technique.

"C" à grain® - Graphic Arts

Perfect for artistic drawing, "C" à grain® paper has a slightly grained texture that allows the artist to quickly achieve subtle effects of depth as well as shading between shadow and...

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Marker Layout - Graphic Arts

This paper is semi-transparent, ultra-white and extremely smooth, for layout work. It withstands water and has a special barrier preventing ink penetration, so pigment stays on the surface and does...

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Black - Graphic Arts

Deep black paper, smooth, stock-dyed and withstanding erasing and scraping. Ideal for drawing, pasting, modelling and presentations.


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Calque - Graphic Arts

Canson® Tracing paper features a satin surface and a high transparency. It allows for perfect definition and contrast of lines drawn with a tubular tip ink drawing pen, pencil or pen. Explore Calque - Graphic Arts

Bristol - Graphic Arts

Canson® Bristol is a very white, extra smooth and very resistant satin paper. It withstands repeated corrections by scraping or erasing.
It is ideal for pencils, pens, washing,...

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