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Graphic Arts

Graphic arts extend the notion of fine arts to comics, design, illustration or graphic design. In order to get absolute precision, sharpness and consistency, designers, graphic artists and architects can rely on the Canson® Graphic Arts range.

The Wall

Innovative and totally opaque, Canson® has developed The Wall, a special paper for illustrators, designers, graffiti artists... It acts as a wall, resisting alcohol markers and spray...

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Canson® Illustration is a specific paper for illustration, comics and manga.
Developed with the Angouleme House of authors and tested and approved by French and American...

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XL® Marker

XL® Marker is a semi-transparent, very white and very smooth layout paper.
It is water resistant and has a barrier to prevent ink penetration: the ink remains on the surface and...

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XL® Bristol

XL® Bristol is an extra white and very smooth paper that is very resistant to repeated scraping and erasing.
Perfect for students, it is ideal for precise drawings and allows for...

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Graduate Bristol

Canson® Graduate Bristol blocks feature extra-smooth 180g/m² paper. Perfect for precision pencil and marker drawings, thanks to the paper’s durable surface.


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"C" à grain® - Graphic Arts

Perfect for artistic drawing, "C" à grain® paper has a slightly grained texture that allows the artist to quickly achieve subtle effects of depth as well as shading between shadow and...

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Marker Layout - Graphic Arts

This paper is semi-transparent, ultra-white and extremely smooth, for layout work. It withstands water and has a special barrier preventing ink penetration, so pigment stays on the surface and does...

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Black - Graphic Arts

Deep black paper, smooth, stock-dyed and withstanding erasing and scraping. Ideal for drawing, pasting, modelling and presentations.


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Calque - Graphic Arts

Canson® Tracing paper features a satin surface and a high transparency. It allows for perfect definition and contrast of lines drawn with a tubular tip ink drawing pen, pencil or pen. Explore Calque - Graphic Arts

Bristol - Graphic Arts

Canson® Bristol is a very white, extra smooth and very resistant satin paper. It withstands repeated corrections by scraping or erasing.
It is ideal for pencils, pens, washing,...

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Marker Lettering

Canson® Lettering paper for markers enables you to create precisely detailed works and drawings with the added satisfaction of being able to let your marker, pen or nib glide over the...

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Mix Media Lettering

The Canson® Lettering Mix Media pad will delight both watercolour and mixed media artists with its white, fine grain paper. It offers you the pleasure of being contact with the paper,...

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Medium for stencils

This erasable polypropylene medium enables each one to create and cut customised stencils. Its transparency makes it ideal to trace patterns while its smooth surface retains paint drops. It is a...

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Lavis technique

Canson® Lavis technique is a smooth drawing paper that allows for smooth, clean and precise lines without smearing. Its pure white colour provides excellent colour contrast.

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