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Various ranges of mount boards for framing are available with a big choice of textures and colours. All our cores are made from Canson® Conservation, a board with excellent longevity that is used by top museums in France on account of its conservation qualities. The Framing range also includes back cardboards. Supplementing this range there is a wide range of media for sketches and presentations: Carton Plume® and Carton Mousse foamboards.

Mi-Teintes® mount boards

The Canson® Mi-Teintes® drawing paper with its unique honeycomb grain, either plain or mottled, laminated to Canson® Conservation board.

The Canson Explore Mi-Teintes® mount boards

Ingres Vidalon® mount boards

Canson® Ingres Vidalon® mount boards are made of laid Canson® Ingres Vidalon® drawing paper, laminated to Canson® Conservation board.

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Concerto® mount boards

Canson® Concerto® mount boards alloy a varnished paper with a canvas-like grain, laminated to Canson® Conservation board.

White, acid-free core, allowing...

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Kraft-lined board

Canson® Conservation board lined with off-white Kraft. For use as a direct backing: one white side (in contact with the artwork), the other lined with (acidic) Kraft paper, the board...

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Backing Boards

Canson® offers a range of cardboards for making framing backs or any other handicraft requiring a stiff medium (backing, displays, mock-ups, document supports, etc.).


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Studio boards

Canson® Studio is a range of backing boards for drawing, available in various thicknesses.

It is available with four different finishes:

Canson® Studio...

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Carton Plume®

Being of highest quality, these solid and lightweight boards are made up of a polyurethane base-material, compatible with all types of adhesive (with or without solvent), covered with a layer of...

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Carton Mousse

Ideal for day-to-day use, these lightweight boards are made of expanded polystyrene and compatible with all kinds of solvent free adhesive.

They are CFCfree and do not yellow over time....

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