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Restore a stretcher in 3 steps

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The stretcher of your favorite canvas is damaged: with play between the wooden parts, traces of sawdust and insects? It is truly time to restore it! Don't stop there: paper and canvas may also need attention... Zoom: an activity at the limits of DIY.


Caution: before taking any action, carefully verify that it does not contain the mark of its original framer, in case it is valuable. It would be better to leave it to the care of a professional framer...

Clean the streatcher

Carefully remove the canvas, taking out the tacks using a small prybar.

Clean the stretcher with a soft brush, then wash it with a damp sponge, perhaps even with pine oil cleaner.

Let dry flat for 24 hours, then sand the edges and corners.

Reinforce a worn canvas

Fold the edges of the canvas over the stretcher bars, cut from a similar material. Attach with vinyl glue.

Re-stretch the canvas

Make folds with the stretcher bars, pulling the canvas to give it the desired form. Position it temporarily with masking tape, then tack in place using pliers to hold the tacks.