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Manga: Using white

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Opaque white is useful for hiding errors… But did you know it can also be used to draw "in the negative" on a screen? By projecting white, you can, for example, draw stars in a dark sky, foam on the sea, or the impacts of an explosion…

What you need to know

You can use white correction fluid (or opaque white) to add highlights to your drawing. You can also use white calligraphy ink: because it is easier to use, it is ideal for beginners!

1. Drawing with a pen

Your material: a conical nib that's already been broken in.

Step by Step:

  •  Moisten your nib in water.
  •  Use a paint brush to apply a little white corrector fluid to the tip of the nib.
  •  Before starting to draw, try it out on a sheet of scratch paper:

 - if the nib is not moist enough, all you'll get is blots; 

- if it is too moist, the white will drip and spot your drawing. 

2. Creating special effects

Stars in the sky, foam on a dark sea, traces from the impact of an explosion… all these items can be represented by projecting white onto your drawing. Your material: an old worn paint brush or even a tooth brush!

  •  Dip your paint brush into liquid white.
  •  Place the tuft near the paper area to be splashed, put your finger on the hairs and release to project white.

Note: remember to cover the rest of the drawing with some scratch paper!!!

For delicate projections: blow through the paint brush hairs to create a fine white drizzle.